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Masque antipollution Frogmask bleu 3D de face Masque antipollution Frogmask bleu vue de côté
Masque antipollution Frogmask vue 3D de face Masque anti-pollution Frogmask bordeaux vue de profil
Burgundy Frogmask anti-pollution mask
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Masque antipollution Frogmask noir 3D de face Masque antipollution Frogmask noir vue de coté
Masque antipollution Frogmask orange 3D vue de face Masque antipollution Frogmask orange vue de côté
Anti-pollution mask Frogmask orange
Sale price$37.00
Masque antipollution Frogmask noir et  blanc en 3D vue de face Masque antipollution Frogmask noir et blanc vue de côté
Frogmask anti-pollution mask black & white
Sale price$37.00
Lot de 10 filtres FFP2 pour masques antipollution Frogmask
Save 27%
pack de 20 filtres pour masques antipollution Frogmask
Set of 20 FFP2 Frogmask filters - one year of use
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Filtre unitaire pour masque antipollution Frogmask Différents plis du filtre FFP2 Frogmask

Frogmask anti-pollution cycling masks

The Frogmask Paris anti-pollution cycling masks are equipped with interchangeable FFP2 filters and without a valve, they are light, ultra-comfortable and very breathable. They were created to protect the respiratory tract of cyclists and motorcyclists from various dust and air pollution in the city.

Glasses wearers will particularly appreciate them because there is no fogging when you breathe in them. With the two flexible nasal rods (one on the filter and the other on the mask), the warm air exhaled does not go up along the nose.

Find out more about our range of anti-pollution bicycle and motorcycle masks on the Blog in the bicycle, motorcycle and pollution categories.

The 3D Mesh used for the structure of the mask is run-proof, water-repellent and very resistant to abrasions. The mask does not filter. It just serves as a support for the FFP2 filter. This ensures excellent airtightness all around the face so that 100% of the inspired air passes.
through the filter and not from the sides. The FFP2 filter helps protect you against particles suspended in the air, larger than 0.4 microns, such as dust, pollen which appears at the start of Spring and fine particles. It also helps reduce exposure to biological particles such as viruses and mold.

These masks are perfectly suited for urban travel and all types of gentle mobility (velotaf, bicycle, VAE, motorcycle, scooter, scooter, self-balancing scooter, etc.). They protect against atmospheric pollution but also against pollen and other dust. They can also be used for DIY, gardening or to protect from the cold in winter.

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