Frogmask : the partner of people allergic to pollen

The arrival of sunny days is also synonymous with periods of apprehension for millions of people.

The culprit: pollen! Invisible but omnipresent in our daily lives, this substance produced by the plant world represents an allergic risk which is not negligible.

The solution ? A reliable and practical shield against this silent invasion: the anti-pollen mask .

The Frogmask anti-pollen mask is not only a physical barrier against the risk of pollen allergies, but a lifestyle choice that allows everyone to breathe freely, without compromising on health or style.

With Frogmask breathe freely and healthily with our anti-pollution masks , our anti-dust masks , our anti-allergy masks, or even our respiratory face masks

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Masque antipollution Frogmask noir 3D de face Masque antipollution Frogmask noir vue de coté
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Filtre unitaire pour masque antipollution Frogmask FFP2 filter for Frogmask anti-pollution mask
Lot de 10 filtres FFP2 pour masques antipollution Frogmask
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pack de 20 filtres pour masques antipollution Frogmask
Set of 20 FFP2 Frogmask filters - one year of use
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What is pollen?

Pollination is a natural process crucial to the development of flowers and plants. Pollen is in the form of a very fine dust produced by the flowers .

This "dust" contains fine particles that help plants create new seeds. It is a reproductive process for plants that involves naturally transporting seeds from a male flower to a female flower.

There are several ways for pollen to reach the flower to be sown, including transport by animals such as bees, butterflies and other insects, but also certain small mammals.

But, in the majority of cases, fine pollen particles are spread by the wind and, therefore, are found in large quantities in the ambient air that we breathe.

A presence in the air which is not without consequences if you are a person subject to pollen allergies .

Why does pollen cause allergies?

When people with allergies come into contact with pollen, their immune system responds by producing antibodies to fight what it perceives as an invader.

This reaction triggers the release of chemicals in the body, including histamine, which is responsible for allergy symptoms.

Allergic rhinitis or hay fever, a runny or stuffy nose, itchy eyes, nose, mouth or throat, and red, swollen or watery eyes, all of these reactions are essentially the result of an exaggerated response of the body to a harmless external substance such as pollen.

Pollen sensitivity varies greatly from person to person and can be affected by the amount of pollen in the air. Seasons also affect the presence of pollen in the air, with peaks during certain times of the year, typically spring and summer for most flowering plants and for grass pollen.

Although there are different solutions to avoid exposure to pollen: the use of antihistamine medications to control symptoms or desensitization through immunotherapy to reduce sensitivity to pollen in the long term, wearing anti-pollen masks is the most effective way. most effective and healthiest way to protect yourself.

How to protect yourself from pollen allergies?

The simplest personal protective equipment against the risks of allergies caused by pollen is the respiratory mask.

The anti-pollen mask made in France by Frogmask allows you to effectively fight against pollen allergies thanks to its many qualities:

  • Effective filtration : Our anti-pollen masks are designed to filter very fine particles including pollen, using high-quality filtering material which significantly reduces the inhalation of these allergenic particles.
  • Great comfort of use : No more painful elastics behind the ears or the feeling of condensation, our anti-pollen masks are the result of in-depth consideration of comfort, support and effectiveness.

Our anti-pollen masks are washable and reusable, and therefore economical and ecological. Simply replace the filter regularly to ensure you breathe clean air.

  • Broad-spectrum protection : In addition to pollen, our masks are also able to protect you against other airborne particles, such as dust or air pollution.
  • Availability in different sizes and colors : For all ages, all face shapes and all aesthetic preferences, our masks provide effective protection for the whole family from 15 years old.
  • Ease of use : Frogmask masks are easy to put on and take off, their design allows them to be worn comfortably with glasses or contact lenses without causing fogging or discomfort. This respiratory protection equipment can also be worn under a hat, a bicycle, scooter or scooter helmet, with the sole exception of full-face helmets.

Using our anti-pollen mask is much more than a preventative measure. You forget about checking the pollen count daily, limiting your outdoor activities during pollen peaks or keeping windows closed during periods of high pollen concentration.

With the Frogmask respiratory mask , you stay protected at all times!