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Pedestrian, cyclist, motorcyclist... Whatever your mode of travel in an urban environment, the quality of the air you breathe has a significant impact on your health. Between atmospheric conditions, exhaust gases and vapors, pollution, dust, pollen and the multitude of allergens present in the air, your respiratory tract is put to the test on a daily basis.

In addition to the discomfort of the moment, it is the repetition of these exposures to stale air which presents risks to your health.

Opting for individual protection by wearing a respiratory mask remains the one and only solution to protect yourself from the harmful effects of these harmful environments.

You still need to find the right respiratory protection equipment ! Between the filtration capacity of fine particles, the comfort of wearing the mask and the design of your protection, you must be able to count on high-performance personal protective equipment , whatever the level of air quality.

With Frogmask breathe freely and healthily with our anti-pollution masks , our anti-dust masks , our anti-pollen masks, or even our anti-allergy masks
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Masque antipollution Frogmask noir 3D de face Masque antipollution Frogmask noir vue de coté
Frogmask anti-pollution mask black
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Masque antipollution Frogmask bleu 3D de face Masque antipollution Frogmask bleu vue de côté
Blue Frogmask anti-pollution mask
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Masque antipollution Frogmask vue 3D de face Masque anti-pollution Frogmask bordeaux vue de profil
Burgundy Frogmask anti-pollution mask
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Masque antipollution Frogmask noir et  blanc en 3D vue de face Masque antipollution Frogmask noir et blanc vue de côté
Frogmask anti-pollution mask black & white
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Masque antipollution Frogmask orange 3D vue de face Masque antipollution Frogmask orange vue de côté
Anti-pollution mask Frogmask orange
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Filtre unitaire pour masque antipollution Frogmask FFP2 filter for Frogmask anti-pollution mask
Lot de 10 filtres FFP2 pour masques antipollution Frogmask
Save 29%
pack de 20 filtres pour masques antipollution Frogmask
Set of 20 FFP2 Frogmask filters - one year of use
Sale price€40,00 Regular price€56,00

Why do you need a respirator mask in your daily life?

Although they are often invisible to the human eye, many toxic particles are present in the environments of urban areas.

  • Vehicle exhaust gases are one of the main pollutants, releasing nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and fine particles into the atmosphere.
  • Industry contributes greatly to atmospheric pollution by releasing harmful substances into the air composed of volatile organic derivatives and heavy metals.
  • Heating buildings via fossil fuels also produces harmful air pollutants.
  • Construction activities stir up fine dust and release other potentially harmful solid particles into the air.
  • Pollen and allergens , even natural ones, are also a potential source of respiratory discomfort.

All these cumulative elements contribute to a deterioration in air quality causing immediate effects on the health of the respiratory system and even greater risks in the context of long-term exposure.

In addition to irritation of the throat and nose, as well as a reduction in lung function , which lead to a feeling of respiratory discomfort , repeated exposure to polluted ambient air increases the risk of developing respiratory diseases such as asthma, chronic bronchitis and even lung cancer.

The impacts of air pollution are not limited to the respiratory tract, it also represents a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases because fine particles can penetrate deep into the lungs, enter the bloodstream and cause inflammation and oxidative stress.

You understand, if you want to preserve your health and gain comfort in your daily activities, you must wear a high - quality respiratory protection mask offered by Frogmask.

Why choose Frogmask respiratory protection masks?

Through our French brand of masks for respiratory protection , we offer you the opportunity to put an end to traditional disposable masks that are uncomfortable, impractical and above all very inelegant.

From the fastening system to the breathability of our masks, including the high degree of filtration, the different sizes available and the possible colors, Frogmask revolutionizes the vision of the protective mask.

High filtration efficiency : The Frogmask responsibility

Frogmask respirators offer a high level of protection against a wide range of air pollutants. This is a filtering system capable of effectively blocking fine particles suspended in the air up to 0.4µm but also pollen and many other elements harmful to health.

Frogmask offers you a complete mask specially designed to protect you from dust and fine particles for a perfect anti-pollution barrier.

Thanks to the cutting-edge technology used in the manufacturing of our respiratory protection masks, you can breathe more freely knowing that you are effectively protected.

Comfort and design: The Frogmask signature

Wearing a respiratory protection mask is often perceived as uncomfortable, especially for use over long periods.

Frogmask has developed reusable filter masks that are effective, ergonomic and aesthetic at the same time.

The materials selected for the manufacture of Frogmask masks are both light and durable to guarantee not only a high level of protection but also optimal comfort throughout the day.

Additionally, the sleek, modern design of Frogmask respirators allows you to choose the equipment that matches your style. Beyond ensuring high quality filtration, Frogmask is about offering you masks that you will enjoy wearing every day.

How to choose my Frogmask respiratory protection mask?

No more single-use masks, no more mist that rises on the face with each exhalation, no more condensation on glasses or no more elastic bands that don't hold.

If you are looking for an anti-dust mask , an anti-pollution mask , an anti-allergy mask , an anti-pollen mask ... In short, real respiratory protection which effectively fulfills its primary function of protecting against the toxicity of the air while offering you great comfort, you will find the best answer with our respiratory masks.

The FFP2 filters in our masks protect you against different harmful substances in the air, so you only need to focus on the size and color you want for your respiratory protection mask.

And why not vary the pleasures by opting for different colors for a mask that matches your different everyday outfits? With the Frogmask filtering mask , you preserve both your health and your look.

Not to mention that you are choosing high-quality French manufacturing , the best value for money for reusable respiratory protection masks , available customer service and reagent 7/7.

So, by bike, on foot or by motorbike, regardless of where you are or how you move outdoors, Frogmask respiratory protection masks become your daily health allies.