Protect yourself with the Frogmask dust mask!

Although invisible to the naked eye, airborn particules anddust harmful to your respiratory tract and your body is present all around you in the air you breathe.

Every time you take a breath of ambient air, you inhale potential toxic substances and subject your lungs to various health risks.

Whether they are organic compounds generated by human activity or allergenic dust naturally present in the air, these volatile substances are not without consequences for your health.

However, a solution exists: the Frogmask anti-dust mask!

Unlike traditional disposable masks which lack practicality and aesthetics, our respiratory protection masks offer you a high level of filtration, perfect comfort for everyday wear as well as a unique look which also makes them a fashion accessory to wear. full part.

With Frogmask breathe freely and healthily with our anti-pollution masks , our anti-pollen masks , our anti-allergy masks, or even our respiratory face masks

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Masque antipollution Frogmask noir 3D de face Masque antipollution Frogmask noir vue de coté
Masque antipollution Frogmask bleu 3D de face Masque antipollution Frogmask bleu vue de côté
Masque antipollution Frogmask vue 3D de face Masque anti-pollution Frogmask bordeaux vue de profil
Burgundy Frogmask anti-pollution mask
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Frogmask anti-pollution mask black & white
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Anti-pollution mask Frogmask orange
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Filtre unitaire pour masque antipollution Frogmask FFP2 filter for Frogmask anti-pollution mask
Lot de 10 filtres FFP2 pour masques antipollution Frogmask
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pack de 20 filtres pour masques antipollution Frogmask
Set of 20 FFP2 Frogmask filters - one year of use
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What dust do you need to protect yourself from?

The dust to which you are exposed on a daily basis is numerous and varies depending on your environment, your activities and the sources of pollution present in the air.

Whether you are traveling on foot or on a two-wheeler, your shopping trips, your outdoor sports sessions, your walks in the great outdoors, being able to count on reusable respiratory masks which offer a high level of protection is essential.

The filtration capacity of the Frogmask respiratory protection mask makes it a solid ally to protect you against:

  • Household dust which consists of particles of dead skin, textile fibers, pet hair, house dust and food debris. Volatile. These airborne particles can also contain dust mites and their droppings which contribute to the development of allergies and respiratory problems.
  • Industrial dusts that originate from manufacturing and construction processes with particles of metals, wood, cement, silica and other materials. If you are exposed to this dust without adequate personal protection, you can develop various pulmonary, respiratory or cardiovascular diseases.
  • Agricultural dust : It is not only within urban cities that polluting dust is concentrated, agricultural activities such as plowing, harvesting and breeding are also sources of atmospheric pollution. They include particles of soil, plants, fertilizers, pesticides and chemicals that can cause respiratory illnesses.
  • Mineral dust that comes from the natural erosion of rocks and soil as well as mining activities. The fine particles of this dust are capable of penetrating deep into the lungs and causing long-term damage.
  • Air pollutants including fine particles (PM2.5) which are generated by the combustion of fossil fuels in vehicles, factories and heating systems. These aerosol dusts carry fine particles, heavy metals and a variety of other toxic substances that are associated with a wide range of health problems, from respiratory tract irritation to serious cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.
  • Biological dusts which include mold spores, fungi and pollen, all organic derivatives which are responsible for allergic reactions or respiratory infections.

The Frogmask respiratory mask: the anti-dust solution

Regardless of the nature of the dust present in the air, the finest particles are capable of penetrating deep into your respiratory system and causing significant damage to your health.

So, whether it's working in a risky work environment, traveling by bicycle or motorbike among vehicles and exhaust gases and vapors or simply taking a walk in nature, you must opt to wear a respiratory mask .

Aside from under a full-face helmet, the Frogmask can be worn under all other types of bicycle or motorcycle helmets.

With Frogmask , you put an end to the inconvenience, limits and disadvantages of the traditional disposable mask. We suggest you wear a mask with high filtration power, a comfortable and practical fastening system , available in different sizes and colors to suit your facial shape and your style.

If you are wondering why choose a Frogmask protective mask , here are some of the qualities of our respiratory protection equipment:

  • FFP2 filtration which protects you from 94% of fine particles present in the air down to 0.4µm.
  • Very high quality French manufacturing.
  • Materials carefully selected to avoid the effects of condensation, fogging or perspiration.
  • Great comfort in terms of breathability and retention of the mask on the face.
  • Three sizes available M, L and XL to meet the physical characteristics of female and male faces.
  • Five different colors for aesthetic mask wearing, a unique and harmonious look.

When to wear your reusable Frogmask mask?

In pedestrian mode, on your bike, on a motorcycle, on a scooter... our Frogmask mask is as much respiratory protection equipment that protects you against dust as it is a fashion accessory to wear every day.

Its double fixation system at the neck and ears, its two flexible and ultra-thin nasal rods, its removable multi-layer filter and its water-repellent properties make our respiratory mask the ideal health and comfort companion.

Far from standard, disposable, unsightly surgical masks that all look the same, Frogmask offers you the possibility of protecting yourself from the surrounding dust and the toxic particles it contains while adapting to your clothing style or your desires. moment.

You are wearing a trendy mask which is above all high-performance personal protective equipment . No longer wonder which mask you should wear, with Frogmask, you choose the size and color that suits you, which makes breathing easier outdoors and which promises you all the qualities you are looking for in an anti-pollution mask.

For anti-dust protection, a mask that is easy to wear every day and highly comfortable, choose to wear Frogmask masks: your health will thank you.