Frogmask is one of the few bicycle anti-pollution mask brands to offer different sizes (M, L and XL).

It's crucial to have a mask that fits your face, because if it's not airtight enough, some of the air you breathe in will pass through the sides and not be filtered.

One-size-fits-all masks are generally suitable for men. They will be much less effective on women's faces.

This size grid is an indication that works in the vast majority of cases, but the different sizes and shapes of noses, ears and necks can belie it. In this case, no problem, size exchange is free, just contact me.

Installation tips:

  • Install the filter (with the nasal stem upwards) inside the mask.
  • Place the mask on your face (nose) and your ears in the two loops. The mask should hold itself when you let go of your hands.
  • Then adjust the Velcro horizontally on the nape of the neck, without tightening too much.
  • Finish by pinching the nasal strips of the mask and filter at nose level.

The mask should be comfortable to wear, without pulling on the ears, neck or compressing the nose.