On this Frogmask technical sheet, you will discover its technical characteristics as well as those of its FFP2 filters, its ergonomics which allows you to breathe better than with a classic mask, how to choose the size adapted to the shape of your face for optimal air filtration, what are the brand guarantees and the conditions of use ?

Unique technical characteristics :

Mask in a unique model, reusable, ultra breathable, in 3D Mesh (410g/m2) made in Italy which only serves as a support to press the FFP2 filter against the face and ensure the best possible seal/filtration. The mask alone without its FFP2 filter does not filter anything.

  • Water repellent
  • Unravelable
  • High resistance to abrasion (70K dry MARTINDALE cycles and 30K wet)
  • Oeke-Tex certified (free from harmful substances such as graphene)

Machine washable (60°C maximum) or hand wash with soapy water, air dry.

The easiest respiratory mask to install and comfortable to wear:

The 3D Mesh is ultra breathable and very light: 28g mask - 4g filter so no discomfort in that regard. Very quickly you will no longer feel it! This is also why it does not need exhalation valves. You are breathing normally.

Two flexible aluminum nasal rods, one in the filter and one in the mask, prevent hot exhaled air from rising along the nose, which greatly limits fogging of the glasses .

The nasal rod inserted through the mask is ultra-thin and rounded so as not to interfere with wearing glasses and not to pierce the fabric.

The mask is very comfortable, thanks to its double fixation : around the ears and behind the head with an adjustable band for optimal comfort and support. The elastics therefore do not pull behind the ears, they just serve to prevent the mask from slipping when putting on a helmet. Use with all types of jet or modular bicycle and motorcycle helmets but not full-face motorcycle helmets.

Several sizes and colors available :

A mask must be as airtight as possible all around your face to ensure the best filtration, that is to say that 100% of the air inspired passes through the filter and not through the sides. This is why Frogmask offers 3 sizes:

  • Medium (women only) Not suitable for men even of small build because the neck circumference is too small.
  • Large (men < 1m80 and 80Kg)
  • XLarge (men > 1m80 and 80Kg)

Available in black & white , blueblack , burgundy and orange to match the mask to your outfit of the day.

FFP/N95 filters for top quality protection :

Filters with 5 layers to the FFP2 standard (EN 149:2001 + A1:2009 FFP2 NR standard), CE standard

Effective protection thanks to filtration of at least 94% of particles down to 0.4 microns.

1 filter included with each mask (lifespan 2 to 3 weeks depending on intensity of use and level of pollution).

Packs of 10 filters and unit filters are sold separately. There is only one filter size compatible with all mask sizes.

A promotional offer with a pack of 20 filters gives you a year's supply of filters in advance. So you'll never run out.

Filters are produced in Italy

The guarantees of Frogmask anti-pollution masks :

Frogmasks are handmade in France in Lyon.

They are guaranteed for one year. Check our customer reviews at the bottom of the page to see their feedback.

Satisfied or refunded guarantee if the product does not suit you and it has not been used, I will refund it to you.

Free delivery (in mainland France) is by letter followed in a bubble envelope (up to 2 masks and 10 filters) therefore delivered to letterboxes within 24 hours to 48 hours after your purchase, depending on the distance from your residence with our stock located in the Paris region.

What size should you choose for your bicycle anti-pollution mask ?

In 100% of cases, the Medium size is reserved for women (the ties are too short for a man's neck even if he is thin or if he dresses in size S). Large and XLarge sizes for men depending on their build. If you are close to 80Kg, take an XL.

In the event of a size error, there is no problem, you return the mask to me at the sender's address on the envelope and I will return the correct size to you free of charge.


A wide range of use of Frogmask anti-pollution masks :

Recommended use of Frogmask to filter pollution particles :

  • Your urban trips on foot, by bike, by scooter, on a self-balancing scooter, motorbike.
  • To access confined or dusty places.
  • DIYers who prefer to use a washable and reusable mask rather than single-use polypropylene masks.
  • Pollen allergies protection
  • Multiple chemical sensitivity protection
  • Shooting sports
  • Wearing a face mask when doing sports may be suitable peak pollution days for cycling, mountain biking or running but in a fairly peaceful mode without too much ventilation.

Frogmask equipped with its FFP2 filter is not a mask for medical use

It should not be used for professional applications where a device complying with European Directive 89/686 or 89/656 is required. It should only be used to reduce discomfort caused by exposure to non-toxic particles whose concentrations do not exceed the national exposure limit permitted for the workplace.

IF you still have any questions about my respiratory masks, do not hesitate to contact me or consult the FAQ page otherwise all you have to do is click to purchase as the prices are extremely competitive. Frogmask are the masks with the best value for money on the market while being handmade in France.

Why wear a bicycle anti-pollution mask ?

Cycling in the city in the middle of traffic is doubly dangerous. There is the risk of being knocked over and this is why most cyclists invest in visibility accessories (reflective jackets or vests, lights), a helmet, gloves and more rarely an airbag. A second, much more insidious danger awaits them: fine particle air pollution. This is why more and more people are equipping themselves with a bicycle anti-pollution mask in order to protect their respiratory tract from the inhalation of dust such as fuel combustion residues, brake pad dust, rubber dust linked to tire wear on the roads... All more harmful than the others.

Frogmask masks were created to meet the demands of cyclists to protect themselves from pollution but also from cold, rain and pollen . They do everything at once and all this for a really affordable price of €38 including tax, free delivery (in mainland France and Corsica) and one year of warranty. Their use is more common in winter because this is the period when there are the most pollution peaks even if it is when it is hot that we feel pollution more, particularly odors.