Promotional offer: set of one mask + 10 filters

Ultra breathable mask in 3D Mesh (honeycomb breathable fabric) - the mask alone does not filter, it is a support for the filter by ensuring it is sealed all around the respiratory tract.

Removable KN95 standard filters: Filtration of 95% of particles down to 0.4 microns

Two valves to evacuate CO2 created by breathing

Metal nosepiece to ensure the mask is airtight (less unfiltered air passes through each side of the nose when inhaling).

Double fixation: behind the ears and behind the head with velcro

One-size-fits-all mask but rather adapted to the shape of a male face for a perfect seal.

Use with a bicycle or motorcycle (jet) helmet. Not suitable for full face helmets

1 filter supplied with each mask (lifespan of around fifteen days depending on the level of pollution).

Packs of 10 filters sold separately

Masks delivered in individual bags with installation instructions

Mask and filters made in China

Product in stock in France sent the same day if ordered before 5 p.m.