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The pandemic has created new waste, particularly surgical masks. Every week, tens of millions are used for only a few hours. They are made of non-degradable materials such as plastic (polypropylene), elastics and aluminium bars. It is therefore essential to collect them for recycling.


From an environmental point of view, the use of reusable masks is obvious, but from a health point of view, it is more complicated. Many companies and communities have no choice but to provide disposable masks to ensure their effectiveness. Not to mention healthcare facilities and other sensitive activities where their use is a matter of course. On the other hand, reusable masks should be the norm when shopping or walking down the street. As with the use of all polluting objects, it is up to everyone to have a conscience to limit the number of masks that end up in nature and to preserve natural resources by favouring reusable masks as Frogmask. Seeing the number of blue masks worn in the street, it is really not won!

A new recycling channel

Companies specialising in waste management have joined forces to create a new way of processing masks and giving them a second life. By joining forces with textile companies and collection partners such as Lemontri and Versoo, they are offering a solution to this new challenge.

The process allows masks to be decontaminated and then recycled. The first step is long term insulation and then hygienisation (disinfection and high temperature washing to eliminate viral loads). Next, it is necessary to remove the elastics and the metal bar, which will be recycled separately. The polypropylene is treated, crushed and then passed on to be transformed into technical textiles.

le cycle de recyclage des masques chirurgicaux


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