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Do you still know the air quality around you? Free applications for smartphones and websites allow you to find out about the Air Quality Index (AQI) and optimise your travel. Make the invisible visible. Track the main air pollutants, including PM2.5, PM10, Ozone, NO2, CO2 and SO2.

How is air quality measured?

Several factors determine the air quality of an area. Together, these elements combine to form an almost universal metric called the Air Quality Index (AQI). The AQI for a specific location depends on characteristics such as the time of day, the concentration of pollutants and the type of pollutants in the air.

Since there is a time factor involved, the AQI is usually grouped into ranges. Each of these ranges is assigned a descriptor, a colour code and a standardised public health opinion such as Good, Fair, Poor, Unhealthy and others.


IQair claims the largest air quality database in the world

The AirVisual tool combines data sets from government agencies, AirVisual sensors and satellite imagery to provide the most comprehensive picture of the world's air quality, country by country, city by city in real time and with a 7-day forecast.

An alert system sends you a notification when the outdoor air quality does not meet your criteria

By ordering a sensor, the application also provides information on the air quality inside your home.

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Plume labs

Plume, a French application, provides fairly detailed real-time data on pollution levels in many French cities. It shows the ozone levels and compares them with the annual average and the days of pollution peaks. The user can thus know if the pollution is exceptional or if it is finally in the average of the other days.

Plume also provides recommendations. A small cursor allows users to navigate through the hours of the day to find out whether it is a good idea to cycle, jog or even sit on a terrace.

It also provides pollution alerts via notifications and air quality reports.

Plume also markets a handheld sensor. It offers the most accurate readings and updates per minute. Plus, you can pair it with your phone to check the quality wherever you are.

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Air Matters

Some pollutants, such as nitrogen dioxide, can aggravate allergies. The Air Matters application has the double advantage of managing pollution data but also of displaying the presence of the most widespread allergens (grass, mugwort, olive tree, alder, ragweed and birch).

Air Matters collects this data in more than 50 countries

This app can also be connected to Philips air purifiers, which can react according to the level of pollution detected in your home.

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Sh**t ! I Smoke

More unusual! The app Sh**t! I Smoke app shows you how many cigarettes you smoke, by equivalence, simply by breathing the air.

For example, in Paris, on Friday 27 July, the inhabitants inhaled, according to the application, the equivalent of four cigarettes, passively, as far as fine particles are concerned. The application explains, in English, how this calculation was made.

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Air for Mac IOS

If you want to stay on top of air quality updates on your Mac or iPhone, download the Air app from the Applestore. It's a simple utility that displays the air quality of your postcode in the menu bar. Air automatically determines your location.

Moreover, its background in the menu bar even adapts to conditions, such as displaying a bright red for unhealthy environments. Other than that, you don't have many options, except to manually choose a postcode.



The best air quality application for Windows is Airqualiter. It is a standard AQI application that displays all the information you expect. You can add multiple cities, browse the world view, plan your days with hourly forecasts, etc.


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Breezometer ou Aqicn

If you do not wish to install a dedicated IQA measurement application, you can also check the air quality from your browser. There are many websites that offer a similar set of features without installing anything.

You should try two of them: BreezoMeter and Aqicn. Both provide largely accurate results. In fact, Aqicn actually stems from a social enterprise project called The World Air Quality Index Project.

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With pollution levels rising, it is likely that none of these applications will bring us good news. However, it is still wise to know what the air we breathe looks like in order to make the best decisions for our travels. I can only recommend that you always go out with an effective mask, at least FFP2 standard like the Frogmask.

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