• Pack of 10 KN95 biker mask filters
  • How to install KN95 filter for biker mask
Pack of 10 KN95 biker mask filters zoom_in -€6.00

10 filters pack for Biker pollution masks

  • Reference: AR0715
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Filtration standard KN95


Compatible with Biker pollution masks only

Caracteristics :

Removable filters standard KN95: Filters 95% of particles down to 0.4 micron (higher than FFP2 which filters 94%)

5 layers of filtration :

  • Layer 1: Breathable outer layer. Blocks larger particles
  • Layer 2: Activated carbon layer. Filters out odours
  • Layer 3: Pulverised cotton. Filters PM 2.5 particles
  • Layer 4: Pulverised cotton. Filters particles down to 0.4µm
  • Layer 5: Comfortable and breathable non-woven for soft skin contact

Estimated lifetime of 15 days in a French urban atmosphere

Non-washable filters

Made in China

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