Frogmask black&white pollution mask


Stylish & Perfect fit

Ultra light & Easy breathing

FFP2 Unparalleled protection up to 0,4 µm airborn particules

Made in France, 1 year warranty

Comes with one filter (2 to 3 weeks lifespan)


This black & white Frogmask is relatively easy to match with all types of clothing, like black. It's a great value for your new bike or motorbike mask wardrobe because we agree, you need several masks to vary the look and be able to wash them regularly.

On this technical data sheet, you will discover its technical characteristics as well as those of its FFP2/N95 filters, its ergonomics which allows you to breathe better than with a classic mask, how to choose the size adapted to the shape of your face for an optimal air filtration, what are the guarantees of the brand and the conditions of use.

Unique features :

Unique, reusable, ultra-breathable mask made of 3D Mesh (410g/m2) manufactured in Italy which only serves to press the FFP2/N95 filter against the face.     

·        Waterproof

·        Unmeshable

·        High abrasion resistance (70K dry and 30K wet MARTINDALE cycles)

·        Oeke-Tex certified (without harmful substances)

Machine washable (60°C maximum) or hand washable with soapy water, air dry.

Best fit and most comfortable bike mask :

In this Youtube video you can see how to apply the Frogmask to your face.

The 3D Mesh is ultra-breathable and very light : 28g mask - 4g filter so no discomfort on that side. Very quickly you won't feel it anymore! That's why it doesn't need exhalation valves. You breathe normally.

Two flexible aluminium nosepieces, one in the filter and one in the mask, prevent the hot exhaled air from flowing back up the nose, which greatly reduces fogging of the glasses.

The nasal stem inserted in the mask's bias is ultra-thin and rounded so that it does not interfere with the wearing of glasses and does not pierce the fabric.

It is very comfortable, thanks to its double fastening system : around the ears and behind the head with an adjustable band for optimal comfort and support. The elastic bands do not pull behind the ears, they just prevent the mask from slipping off when putting on a helmet. Can be used with all types of bicycle and motorbike helmets, whether jet or modular, but not full-face motorbike helmets.

Various sizes and colours available :

A mask must be as tight as possible around your face to ensure the best filtration, i.e. that 100% of the air inspired passes through the filter and not through the sides.

This is why Frogmask proposes 3 sizes :

  • Medium (women only) Not suitable for men even with a small build as the neck size is too small
  • Large (men <1m80 and 80Kg)
  • XLarge (men <1m80 and 80Kg)

Also available in blue, blackburgundy and orange to match your outfit of the day.

FFP2 filters for higher protection :

Filters with 5 layers to FFP2 standard (between N95 ande N99) (EN 149 :2001 + A1 :2009 FFP2 NR), CE standard

Effective protection thanks to a filtration of at least 94% of particles up to 0.4 micron.

1 filter included with each mask (life span 2 to 3 weeks depending on intensity of use and pollution level).

Pack of 10 filters and single filters are sold separately. 

One size fits

Filters are manufactured in China (no French factory has agreed to produce dedicated filters).

The guarantees of Frogmask pollution masks :

Frogmask are handmade in France in Paris and in the suburbs of Lyon.

They have a one year waranty. Check out our customer reviews at the bottom of the page to see their very positive feedback.

Satisfied or refunded if the product does not suit you and has not been used, I will refund you.

Shipments are made everyday from Paris. Orders are sent via Chronopost with a 5 working day delay to any country in Europe and may be more for other countries.

How to choose for your bike or motorbike anti-pollution mask ?

Medium size only fits for women (the ties are too short for a man's neck even if he is thin or dresses in size Small). Large and XLarge sizes for men depending on their build. If you are close to 80Kg, take an XL.

In case of a size error, there is no problem, you send the mask back to me at the sender's address on the envelope and I will send you back the right size for free.


Conditions of use of Frogmask antiparticules masks :

Recommended for filtering airborn particulates when walking, cycling, scootering, riding a scooter or motorbike in the city, or when entering confined or dusty areas. There are also many DIYers who prefer to use a washable, reusable mask rather than single-use polypropylene masks. Wearing a face mask for sports may be suitable on days of high pollution for cycling, mountain biking or running but in a fairly quiet mode without too much ventilation.

Frogmask with filter is not a medical mask.

It should not be used for occupational applications where an appliance conforming to European Directive 89/686 or 89/656 is required. It should only be used to reduce discomfort caused by exposure to non-toxic particles in concentrations that do not exceed the national exposure limit for the workplace.

If you still have questions about my breathing masks, please contact me at or consult the FAQ page. Otherwise, just click to buy because the prices are extremely competitive. Frogmask are the masks with the best quality-price ratio on the market while being made in France.

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What are the different uses for the Frogmask?

Frogmask respirators have been designed primarily for cyclists and motorcyclists with their FFP2 filters capable of blocking a minimum of 94% of pollution particles down to 0.4µm in size.

They are also very effective for other types of use such as winter sports. In this case, the water-repellent 3D mesh protects against cold and water. Ideal for snowy days but also in case of pollution peaks which are very frequent in some enclosed valleys like Chamonix. 

Other customers buy them for DIY (protection against dust), gardening (protection against sprays and pollen). Allergic and asthmatic people are also obliged to wear a mask in many circumstances.

Finally, shooting sports enthusiasts are increasingly aware that they inhale powder residues, filled with toxic dust, after each shot. An anti-pollution mask is therefore a good solution to protect the lungs.