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Pollution masks market is not really new to me since I distributed from 2014 to 2020 in France, Switzerland and Belgium, Vogmask the American facemasks brand we no longer present. In 7 years, I developed a srong network with many retailers such as hundred of cycle stores, about fifteen Decathlon, pharmacies, large pure players websites and on my own website.

Unfortunately, as of mid-February 2020 Vogmask have been banned from export until July 1st by South Korea, where they are produced. In May, Vogmask HQ informed me that they would not deliver anymore, having decided to cut Europe to better serve exploding American market. Game over!


I had to find a way to supply the incredibly growing demand linked to the Covid crisis so I decided to create Frogmask my home filtering masks brand. In the meantime, I traded quality masks from Italy and Asia to bridge the gap.


Why Frogmask ? On one hand, French people nickname  by English speaking people is « frogs » or « froggies », on the other hand Frog also rhymes with Fog, a mask help to fight against. At the end this little friendly animal makes a great logo to play with.

                                                                                                      Frogmask logo


I wanted to produce the Frogmask in France, hence the signature "made in Frogland". It's a real endurance race that I ran because I had to find the best Mesh in reasonable quantity, the filters with FFP2 European standard, the workshop that would make the technical data sheets and assemble some prototypes for testing and finally create the packaging (creative agency and a  printer) and the visuals for marketing, all in a context of shortage and lockdown due to the pandemic. Only the filters come from China because unfortunately none of the rare French manufacturers accepted to produce custom-made in small quantities. I don't despair of convincing them once I can order more?

The result is great isn't it?

                                                                                                    Frogmask mask


After 2 years of operation, the brand is back on the big specialised sites such as Alltricks, Lecyclo.com or Fnac but also at Cardy for motorbikes. In December 2022, Decathlon opened the doors of its market place to me. I also sell all over Europe via my online shop. On the export side, several distributors are in discussion with me, including a Chinese one, which would be a consecration. Selling masks to the Chinese is a bit like selling fridges to Eskimos, isn't it?


A level customer service is and will remain my absolute priority because a satisfied customer becomes my best ambassador. That's why I pay particular attention to the departure of the masks the day of the order (if placed before 5pm) and to the possible exchanges. Be careful to choose the right size according to your morphology. A mask is not a piece of clothing, the sizes can be different. I am also committed to answering your questions in the next few hours, 7 days a week by phone, email, instagram, messenger or facebook.


Best regards

Grégoire Dandres

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