Anti-pollution masks with FFP2 / N95 filters

Frogmask masks

Made in France

An anti-pollution mask is essential respiratory protection in urban environments to filter out fine, invisible particles suspended in the air we breathe. It enables us to breathe cleaner, healthier air. The anti-pollution bicycle mask or anti-pollution motorcycle mask is the essential accessory to protect cyclists and motorcyclists from pollution in city traffic, but also from dust and pollen, or from the cold in winter.

That's why I've created the ultra-light, highly effective Frogmask masks, handmade near Lyon and less expensive than the competition. Fitted with FFP2 filters, they'll protect you against fine particles and pollution, especially when you're out and about on foot, bike, scooter or scooter. The masks are washable at 60°C and come with a one-year guarantee, while the filters can be replaced every 2 to 3 weeks.

Black & white Frogmask anti-pollution mask on a young biker
Frogmask is

Removable 5-layer FFP2 filter

94% minimum filtration of particles down to 0.4 microns

Two ultra-thin flexible nosepieces: on the filter and on the mask, to ensure the best possible seal/filtration and prevent glasses from fogging up.

Lifespan between 2 and 3 weeks, depending on use and pollution level.

Ultra-light, highly breathable 3D Mesh outer structure
Water-repellent, Enamel-proof
High abrasion resistance
Oeke-Tex certified Cotton veil on skin side to hold filter in place
No condensation in the mask

Double attachment:
Behind the head, adjustable with Velcro for support
Over the ears for pressure-free comfort
For use with all types of bicycle and motorcycle helmets (except full-face)

A choice of 5 ultra-chic colors

Protecting yourself while looking good

City air quality is improving, but pollution is still very much with us. It's time to protect yourself with essential accessories like anti-pollution masks. The Frogmask anti-pollution respirator has been designed for men and women aged 15 and over, in three sizes to suit every facial morphology, and in five colors (black, orange, blue, burgundy, black and white). Glasses wearers will be delighted by the breathing comfort of the 3D mesh frame and its perfect waterproofness. In fact, they are equipped with two nasal stems (one on the filter and the other on the mask) to prevent hot exhaled air from rising up the nose. This limits fogging of your glasses. My French mask brand Frogmask has created a premium accessory at a very affordable price. With its FFP2 quality filter, the Frogmask protects cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians from air impurities, dust, pollen, insects and cold. Read our customers' reviews - they're unanimous. Forget your usual scarf that doesn't filter anything and order a black Frogmask, for example, at an unbeatable price.

My French brand finally offers a premium bicycle or motorcycle accessory at the best value on the market, with free delivery in mainland France. The Frogmask and its FFP2 filter will protect you from impurities in the air, whether you're a cyclist on a bike or mountain bike, a scooter rider or motorcycle rider, or just a pedestrian. Be sure to choose the right size when purchasing, even if product exchanges are free of charge.


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