Frogmask pollution masks

Frogmask made in Frogland are equiped with removable FFP2 filters and without valve, they are ultra comfortable and very breathable, wearers of glasses will appreciate them very much because there is no fogging when you breathe in. With the two flexible nosebands (one on the filter and the other on the mask), the air does not go up the nose.

Please see this Frogmask demo Youtube video to discover our line up or visit the Frog Blog and its Bikemotorbike and pollution catégories.

The 3D Mesh used for the mask's structure is unmeshable, water-repellent and highly resistant to abrasion.The mask does not filter. It serves as a support for the filter and provides an excellent seal around the face so that 100% of the air inspired passes through the filter.

The FFP2/N95 filter helps protect you from non-oily airborne particles larger than 0.4 micron, such as dust, pollen and particles found in air pollution. It also reduces exposure to airborne biological particles such as mold.

These masks are perfectly adapted to commuting with bicycle, electric bike, motorbike, scooter, gyropod ....) in order to protect oneself from atmospheric pollution but also from pollen and other dusts.

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